Many courses and activities take place at St Mark's Community Centre.
The timetable for classes in the AutumnTerm 2017 is given below together with the tutors' contact details and a brief note about most of the activities.

Please enrol with the class tutor in advance or at the first meeting.
Fees can only be refunded in exceptional circumstances.

News of Classes and Activities:

Robert Good has taken over the Tuesday Art class for this term. During the Cambridge Festival of Ideas in October he is discussing 'What is Art?' in the context of a project to collate over 3000 internet definitions into his new book A New Dictionary of Art. (Sat 28 Oct 15.00 at Anglia Ruskin University).

Build4fun have booked another of their popular Lego Days for Wed 25th Oct  in half term week.  Details and information from Julia:

The CC Committee has agreed that we shall organise another series of Friday Talks by local people every fortnight in the Spring Term. More details as they become available.

For information on any of the classes and activities below contact the tutors.

Autumn Term Timetable

Morning Classes:

Afternoon Classes: 


For further details about activities for children and families at St Mark's Church, please click the 'Children at St Mark's' tab.