Many courses and activities take place at St Mark's Community Centre.
The timetable for classes in the Summer Term of 2017 is given below together with the tutors' contact details and a brief note about most of the activities.

Please enrol with the class tutor in advance or at the first meeting.
Fees can only be refunded in exceptional circumstances.

Summer Term 2017: Monday 24th April to Friday 26th May 
(Spring Bank holiday 29th May-3rd June)

News of Classes and Activities:

Build4fun are running another of their popular Lego days on the Wednesday of half term 31st May. Julia is also looking at support for some more days in the Summer holidays.  Details and information from Julia:

Community Walk
For details this see under the separate tag. If you wish to participate in this guided 'beating the bounds' walk on Sunday 21 May do book a place immediately as we shall be closing the list on Sunday 14 May or earlier if we have no more places.

The Bumps to Babes class will not meet immediately at the beginning of the summer term but will be re launched at a different time and day (Wed 1300-1400) when Hannah returns after having had her second baby around middle to end of May.

Lunchtime pilates with Rowan Wilson is now available on Fridays as well as Mondays 1200-1300. to enrol contact Rowan on 01223 213241
*Rowan Wilson is considering adding an extra class. Please contact her for more information

Wednesday Art Life Class will resume in the Autumn term.

Wednesday Literature Class will resume on 20th September for a course entitled The 1980s: State of the Nation in Fiction. 

Arts and Events 
Nick Warburton's Play in a Day scheduled for Saturday 13 May has had to be postponed


CLASSES AND ACTIVITIES: Afternoon-Evening and Weekend 


For further details about activities for children and families at St Mark's Church, please click the 'Children at St Mark's' tab.