Community Centre News 201

Newnham Croft Fundraising Dinner. We were pleased to host and support the fund-raising gourmet dinner for Newnham Croft Primary School on Saturday 15 July. Dani Redhead reports:

Wi fi at the Community Centre is now fully operational, please see notice board for log in details.

The Parish Outing to Norwich and East Ruston Vicarage gardens on Thursday 20th July was  enjoyed by all. It was supported financially by the Community Centre to keep the cost to £25, which covered coach travel by Greys of Ely, a guided tour of the Cathedral and entrance fees for the very impressive Gardens. Despite a less than perfect weather forecast, it stayed mainly dry and warm. Many thanks to Sue Payne who organised this church and community event and to our very helpful coach driver Colin. 

Reroofing the Small Hall: we are unable carry out this necessary improvement due to an objection from the owner of a neighbouring property.  As the work can only be done in August without interrupting classes and activities, nothing can now be done until summer 2018. We have gone ahead with some small improvements, such as increasing the number of power sockets and changing one of the overhead lights in the Small Hall. Redecorating the foyer will be deferred.