Cambridge Food Bank

St Mark's supports the work of Cambridge Food Bank.

Collections are made on the second Sunday of each month to coincide with the charity of the month appeal. You can find a printable list of items needed here. This list is also available in the Narthex (church porch). Please do not donate homemade foods (jam etc) as items need to be date stamped.

There will be a box at the back of the church for donated food collecting on the second Sunday of each month.

Next Collection: Sunday 13 August Please no beans, soup or cereals this month

If you have any questions, please contact Rosy Gardiner (01223 352417)  who is co-ordinating the church’s response.

What Happens to our Foodbank Donations?
Have you ever wondered what happens to your Foodbank donations after Rosey has handed them over? These extracts from a Wintercomfort newsletter give you some of the answers.
· It’s important to understand that it’s not us who decides who can have food from the foodbank. People can only have a food box when a front-line professional from an organisation such as Wintercomfort or CAB has identified a need and given them a voucher. Vouchers are redeemed for emergency food for three days at one of our six distribution centres.
· We provide food that is easy and quick to prepare as many people can’t afford gas or electricity to cook with or have very limited access to cooking facilities.
· When someone is given a food voucher they are asked to give the single main reason why they are in crisis and need food. In Cambridge 48% cite benefit changes or delays as the main cause. 26% give low income from their job as the primary cause.
· [Recipients] can be anybody. It’s often something as simple as an unexpected bill between payslips or a relationship breakup resulting in one partner being left with no cash at all, the sort of thing that can happen to anybody.
· A typical food box contains basic tinned and dried foods such as rice or pasta, sauces, cereals and puddings, that can be easily reheated or cooked to provide satisfying and nutritionally balanced meals

Readers may like to save the list below which highlights the lines which are needed most  for the food parcels.
Shopping List
Here is a list of the lines the Foodbank is most in need of.
Granulated sugar – preferred size 500gm (and no bigger than 1kg, please)
Tinned/Long life sponge pudding/other puddings (e.g. Angel Delight/other instant pudding)
Tinned meat – mince; stewed steak; chicken; pies
Tinned vegetables – mixed veg; carrots; sweetcorn, green beans
Long life milk
Long life fruit juice
Pasta 'n' sauce (jars)
Savoury snacks
Sweets – chocolate and children's
‘Yellow’ pasta - e.g. Heinz tinned Macaroni cheese, spaghetti in tomato sauce
Tinned pulses – chick peas; mixed beans; etc
All goods must be in date and undamaged please.