St Mark's Parish Boundaries

St Mark’s Parish Boundaries include all of Barton Road and the roads off it on each side. On Grange Road, our parish extends as far as Champneys Walk on the East side, and as far as Pinehurst on the West. 

Newnham Road, Fen Causeway, Summerfields, Newnham Walk and Wordsworth Grove, together with  Newnham College, and Ridley Hall, are not in St Mark’s parish, but in the Parish of St Botolph. (Church located on Trumpington Road opposite the end of Silver Street. Priest in Charge: Revd. Dr William Horbury. Tel (01223 363529) 

Selwyn and Robinson Colleges, and the rest of Grange Road, North of Sidgwick Avenue and Pinehurst, are in the parish of St Giles (Church at the bottom of Castle Hill. Priest in Charge: Revd. Philipa King. Tel (01223 361919)