Children are particularly welcome at St Mark's. 

Children are an important part of our church community, and meet on Sundays at Junior Church as well as having activities of their own in the week. We run a variety of groups and activities for different age groups. If you have any questions about our work with Children, please do not hesitate to contact

Our Children and Families' Worker Janette Platter is now correctly titled Children and Families' Minister. Janette moved to Cambridge with her husband Jonathan in September 2016 and has attended St Mark's since then. In March they had a baby boy, who now fills their days with energy and joy! Janette has worked as a children's minister for many years in the United States and as a chaplain at a paediatric hospital. She is an alumna of Nazarene Theological Seminary in Missouri, where she specialised in learning to care for vulnerable children and she was ordained in the Church of the Nazarene. 

The Junior Choir meets during Junior Church, three Sundays in the month, and then joining with the adult choir for the Fourth Sunday All Age Communion Service.

St Mark's is committed to the safeguarding of children. A copy of our Policy is available in the Narthex (church porch) for public viewing.

Activities for Families

The Children and Families Minister employed leads, or oversees, a wide range of activities run either in the church or Community Centre. This article tries to give you a flavour of what’s on offer: if you need more information please email All our activities take place during school term time, unless otherwise stated.

Toddles, Toddler Group, Mondays and Thursdays 9.30 - 11.30 in the Community Centre

This long established community toddler group is run by Hannah Bruce and is a wonderful way of getting to know other families in the area. There’s time for playing house, trains, dressing up and a safe area for babies…as well as plenty of pushchairs, ride on toys and even mini wheelbarrows! There’s also a music time and real coffee and biscuits. A £2 donation is suggested.

For further details, please click on the 'Toddles' tab.

Bumps to Babes, Wednesdays 1345-1500 in the Community Centre, Small Hall

We restarted this group last year, aware that there are many pregnant and new mums who may be new to the area or would just welcome a quiet space in which to talk to others going through the same things as them. There are soft cushions; space for babies to crawl and explore; tea, coffee and cake; and books and quiet play for older siblings. No charge.

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Messy Church, Every Third Tuesday of the Month 3.30-5.45pm in the Church

It’s church, but not as you’ve ever seen it before! This year we’ve blown giant bubbles in the rain, taken our shoes and socks off to walk down a rocky, sandy path right in the middle of the church, made plaster of Paris sand casts of our hands and bashed nails into bits of wood and tin cans. All families are welcome and there’s a hot meal in the Community Centre included. No charge, but donations are welcomed.

For further details, including dates of sessions,  please click on the 'Messy Church' tab.

Friday Storytime, Friday, Community Centre, Small Hall 9.30-11.00

Held in the Community Centre, this is a group for parents and preschoolers. Each week our session begins with a Bible story told using wooden figures and plaques, candles, sand, puzzles...and much more. (You can find out ore about this Montessori inspired form of storytelling at

Parents and children are then both invited to respond to the story using paints and pastels, wood and glue, building blocks...anything from the room! Anything goes and there is no right answer. There is also a simple seasonal craft try. After around half an hour we come together and share a little feast of fruit, crackers and water. during this time we have a chance for conversation: topics such as, how to mark Lent with children of different ages, and ways of playing remembered from our own childhood have recently come up. 

The group aims to support and nourish parents and children in a spiritual journey undertaken together and in the community with others.

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Older Children and Teenagers

For Further details and to access a copy of the consent form, please click on the M&M's Youth Group tab.

Junior Church, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays, during the 10.00 am church service

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Family Communion 4th Sunday at 10.00 am

A short and family friendly service with chances to participate by playing in the band, acting, writing and reading prayers. Families are encouraged to sit at the front so their children can see and hear what’s going on.

Open the Book Assembles at  Newnham Croft Primary School

OPEN THE BOOK offers a programme of themed and dramatised Bible stories at no charge to the schools. Each session is around 10 minutes long. Our teams from St Mark's Church use drama, mime, props costume - even the children and staff themselves - to present Bible stories in ways that are lively, engaging, informative... and great fun for everyone involved! we do this most Monday mornings during term-time. 

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