Day of Reflection

This year’s day of reflection will take place on Saturday, 21 November. The theme is ‘Magnificat’.

In previous years we have held an annual quiet day or day of reflection at Ferrar House, Little Gidding. We have had to cancel the day this year due to Covid but, instead, we are holding an ‘in-house’ Day of Reflection.

The day will be led by Gail and Ian Adams, chaplains at Ridley Hall. It will be a spacious opportunity to prepare ourselves for the possibilities of the Advent season – to look for the light within ourselves, in the world around us, and in the coming of the Christ-child.

The proposed programme for the day is as follows:

09.45 – Introduction & Prayer
10.00 – ‘The Personal Nature of Our Calling’
Session 1 with the Magnificat, led by Gail and Ian
12.00 – ‘Our Calling as a Local Church Community’
Session 2 with the Magnificat, led by Gail and Ian
14.00 – ‘Our Calling as Part of the Church Worldwide’
Session 3 with the Magnificat, led by Gail and Ian.
15.30 – Final discussion, sharing and closing prayers.

You are invited to spend the times in between sessions in quiet personal prayer and reflection. There will also be people available for prayer (by phone or Zoom) if you want to talk and have someone pray with you.

Please let Rachel know if you are planning to be part of the day.