Visiting Group

The Visiting Group aims to support those who are lonely, sick, vulnerable or unhappy for any reasons. Members of the group have good listening skills and training in Safeguarding Awareness. We deal mostly with adults and appreciate the importance of discretion and dignity for all concerned with a strict code of confidentiality within the group. There is a source of experience and information which can be tapped if required and we can usually help with transport.

Some members of the group are involved in the Winter Monthly Ploughman’s Lunch in the Community Hall. This is a good way to make contact with people in the community. We would like more members of the Church to attend and bring or encourage any neighbours or friends who may be lonely as it is a very friendly occasion. There are also members who help at Toddles and Messy Church and can offer support to parents and carers

We are planning to organise a talk on Dementia in the near future and this will be open to all the community.

If anyone would like to know more or feel they would like to be involved or have concerns personally, or for others, they may speak in confidence to the Vicar or Margaret Banks: (01223 350573).