Caring for God’s beautiful world

We believe that God has made humanity in His image, and as His image bearers we have a responsibility to care for and work with the good environment God has created. We are conscious of our responsibility to carefully steward the global resources that God has given us and, in particular, our impact on the environment.

Join us for our Eco Networking Lunch on Saturday 17th June:

Eco Networking Lunch - Newnham

Eco Church

Eco Church is an exciting initiative established by Tearfund, A Rocha and others which provides free online resources and support to equip your church in a journey to expressing its care for God’s world. The approach is comprehensive, covering worship and teaching, buildings, and land. engagement with the local community; in global campaigns; simplicity, lifestyle and more. The church has recently achieved the Silver Eco Church Award.


St Mark’s Creation Care Resources

Find some resources on some of the different aspects of Creation Care. This page contains links to information and ideas that might help you with different aspects of your Creation Care journey. They are links to external organisations – do let us know if you find a link no longer works or have suggestions for other resources we could share.

Prayer for Creation

God of creation and Lord of life, you entrusted us to care for your creation, but in many parts of the world we have failed. Help us to realise how fragile and unstable our surroundings are, because we are not looking after creation. We need to be true stewards and to understand how the most insignificant little flowers, and the tiniest insects, each creature and individual people are all part of a wondrous whole. Amen.