Junior Church

Junior Church takes place on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday of each month. We begin in church at 9.30am, along with the rest of the congregation, and then leave after the first hymn to engage in our own worship.

We use Godly Play, which is a Montessori-inspired way of exploring Bible stories and the wider Christian faith. It honours the natural curiosity and spirituality of children. We begin by telling a story, using wooden figures and models, and there is then some time for us to wonder together about the story. There is no pressure for anybody to contribute out loud – silence is a valid form of wondering – but everyone is welcome to respond in their own way to the story. We have a variety of art materials which the children are free to use as they see fit, and the props for all the stories that we have are always available for them to explore during this time.

We welcome old faces and newcomers, so do consider joining us. Parents and carers are free to stay in the church service or accompany their children in Junior Church.