We aim to be the people of God in this place and to work to make God more real for our community.

Due to lockdown our buildings have been closed, and all church services suspended, but as a church we are still active in prayer, worship and care for each other.  We continue to explore new ways of supporting church members and the wider community. Please visit our Prayer & Worship Page for details of how you can join us for online services and other activities.

The Government recently announced that places of worship may open for private, individual prayer, provided they can do so safely.  Although there are various notices and precautions in place, I do hope people feel welcome to use the space once again.  We will be open on Tuesday mornings from 10am – 12noon and Friday afternoons from 2pm – 5pm.  In addition, we have seven ‘prayer stations’ around the church grounds for people to use for prayer when the building is closed.  Do have a look at them.  There are three in the narthex facing outwards, three in the church grounds and one at the Community Centre.

You will also, no doubt, have heard that the government have announced that services may resume in places of worship from 4th July. That announcement came with a lot of restrictions and guidance as to how we can do that safely so please bear with us as the PCC and I work out how to proceed.

While I am keen to start gathering in our church buildings again, I am reluctant to do so if too many would be excluded by the rules, or if the rules are so prohibitive that we lose the sense of being a worshipping body, so please watch this space. We will keep you informed of any changes and developments. In addition, it will also be possible for weddings and funerals to take place in church.

Please check in here for more details in the coming days, or join our mailing list to keep in touch.