Breathing Space is back

Breathing Space takes place in church at 8.00pm on the second Sunday of each month. The service offers a worshipful, shared space, in which to reflect, to gather ourselves before a new week. Space to connect with ourselves and with God.

Each time we explore a theme through some readings, some reflections, some guided prayer or meditation, some music, some silence.

We draw on various Christian traditions. We explore different ways of praying, ways of attuning ourselves to God, ways of responding to God. Some things may be familiar; others may be new.

Anyone is welcome. The invitation is simply to come and be here, as you feel comfortable.

Report from the Youth Group

On Sunday 7th April the Youth Group went to Clip ‘n Climb! Twelve brave young people faced the daring heights, clipped themselves on to the ropes and reached for the top. There was some competition along the way, and not every climbing wall was as easy as it seemed to be… We had a fun afternoon of climbing and chatting!


Hope for Creation!

We have been marking a season of Creationtide at St Mark’s and, as part of this, we were delighted to welcome Dave Bookless to the church on Monday 16th September to talk to us about how we might respond to the world around us and act with regard to the environment.

Dave is Director of Theology for A Rocha International (, an international Christian organisation engaging in scientific research, environmental education and community-based conservation projects across six continents.

His engaging and thought-provoking talk used the acronym HOPE to help us think about the issues.

H Hearing God’s creation groaning

O Openness to learning from creation and the bible

P Practical response in creation care

E Enjoying God’s good creation

Dave shared some of his own story and his family’s response to environmental crisis, he explained some of the work that A Rocha is doing round the world, he gave us some biblical resources that might help us to think about how, as Christians, we need to act and respond and he offered some practical questions that might help us to know what steps we can take, as individuals and as a churches.

Dave has two books available to buy and there are copies of both in a fledgling St Mark’s library which will be housed in bookcases in the foyer of the Community Centre.